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Reverse Therapy is a revolutionary new approach to healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. and Fibromyalgia which resolves the symptoms of these conditions by identifying and acting on the Body mind messages which underpin them.

Testimonials for Jane Terris

From the week of my first session with Jane-I did start to notice a reduction in my symptoms. Jane has been fantastic. As someone with a chronic illness you dream that someone would be able to wave a magic wand and make all your symptoms go away. You want to start living your life again. I think Jane is pretty close to having a magic wand!

I found Jane incredibly warm, relaxed, insightful and supportive. I had been diagnosed with CFS almost 3 years ago and was considering going to see an expensive Dr in Belgium. I'm a scientifically minded person whom had worked in the medical world, but something about reverse therapy with Jane struck a chord. I decided I had nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by giving it a go- it was definitely one of my better decisions.

I am now over 2 months since my first session and feeling like I can live my life again.

Karen - August 2016

Jane played a key part in helping me get well again. She really helped me to focus on things I could do to make me feel better - in a sense being practical made it easier for me as I didn't have to think too much about it!

As she helped me to find fulfilment again, something I had not had for a very long time, it was much easier to see that when you are always doing things you don't enjoy but keep quiet about it or allow the dislikes to takeover, then your life becomes very boring and bland and the traumatic experiences get much bigger.

I am not very patient and have had to learn that things take time and that I can be more patient but also more daring!

Since getting a lot better I have joined the Rock Choir and performed at Hever Castle, I have got a part time job as a Teaching Assistant starting September and I have spent a midweek break in Brussels with my son! I am also upcycling furniture and beginning to think about writing again. I am meeting with friends again which is really nice too. I still have bouts of tiredness - this is usually when I am fitting in more than I should with a situation or person but overall I am a lot more comfortable with my life and feel more able to try new things. Thanks to Jane for all the help.

E.L - August 2014

Before my first session, I had never heard of Reverse Therapy. Since starting, I have a better understanding of why I have symptoms and that they are not a negative thing. Therapy has given me confidence to deal with situations and trust that I do know what I'm doing and taught me to listen to be body and not just my mind.

M.H - March 2014

It's like I have 'awoken' from a stressful two years. The important factor is seeing the other exciting aspects of my life or 'pods' as Jane describes them. Jane has been a wonderful therapist. She is empathetic, understanding and made me feel very comfortable. I found Jane very personable and would recommmend her to anyone wholeheartedly.

Jane made me see perspective during a difficult time in my life. I started 'living life to the full' again and learnt to enjoy every moment and what's important. I'm so glad I met her Jane and would recommend Reverse Therapy to anyone. I know I can live life a lot happier and can control my symptoms. It has been life changing.

V.H - 2012

Thanks Jane, frankly this book has been a great investment for me. It's easy to read and I can quickly see the points that are being made; I am putting them into practice and really do feel a lot better. The time I have spent in therapy with you has been a life saver for me during a particularly stressful time, I cant thank you enough.

P.P - 2013

Although I have had Chronic Fatigue for a relatively short period of time, I found it frightening and extremely debilitating as I have 2 small children and my husband was working away from home at the time. I followed the advice my GP gave me (i.e. rest!) but found my symptoms were getting worse. I read about Reverse Therapy and suddenly felt a light at the end of the tunnel.

Jane helped me to see what had led to my becoming ill, and it all made perfect sense. I found the techniques really difficult at first but after a lot of practice, hard work and soul searching, they have become easier, and they really work! The turning point to me becoming better was going to see Jane on that first day. I had 4 sessions and although I’m not 100% symptom free, I am in charge of my symptoms and my life again! I am able to manage my busy life and am excited about the future!

It was very comforting to know that Jane had also experienced M.E. and she very quickly tuned in ‘me’ as a person. I really felt that she cared about helping me get better and it wasn’t ‘just a job’ for her.
I strongly recommend anyone who has M.E., CFS, or Post Viral Fatigue to try Reverse Therapy. It’s changed my life and the way I think and react to issues in my life.

F.L. – Horsham, West Sussex, 2009

I had been ill with ME for 15 years and thought that this was going to be for the rest of my life. A friend recommended Reverse Therapy and I looked it up on the internet.

After two weeks of reading the testimonials on the internet and considering the therapy, I decided to look for my nearest therapist. It turned out to be a lady that herself had had ME so knew exactly what I was going through. She was kind and patient with me.

I read the book that she sent me, and it all fell into place, I was reading all about myself. I went along for my first therapy session, and although I was drained emotionally when I left, I knew that I had found the answer to getting over ME.

Five months after the therapy I went to Australia for 4 weeks - something I had only dreamt of. I did not have one bad day the whole time I was there. It is now 9 months since I had the therapy and I am now looking for a part time job. Would I recommend Reverse Therapy - you bet!!

K.H. 2007

Reverse Therapy really worked for me. Understanding what is causing ones illness is actually the cure. Read the RT book and start feeling better straight away.

G.B. 2007

I would 100% recommend RT. You need to be prepared to make changes and work really hard, but the results are worth it. It is also very good value for money.

K.C. 2007

It's definitely worth doing!

C.F. 2007

Accepting that the cure comes from within, (and that there's no disgrace in cognitive therapy for cognitive illness) rather than from conventional medicine was the key for me.

Having had M.E. for 11 years, I'd explored every possible route to a cure. Like most in the M.E. community, I was cynical of miracles and deeply suspicious. The statistics provided by the Reverse Therapists, who have an 80% success rate, attracted me but I remained deeply sceptical. Some of that disbelief evaporated when I found Dr Eaton's book: if you are a charlatan, you don't publish all the details of what you do, in case you're rumbled. Further doubt evaporated when I sent questions to the RT website. Dr Eaton answered personally, in a way which encouraged more trust.

So I read the book and doubted. I re-read the book and lots of little pieces fell into place in my mind. Some of the concepts, initially, fly in the face of what the ME establishments gets you to believe - that only a yet-to-be discovered little white pill will cure you. If you're absolutely rigid in your beliefs about what ME is, then you'll find R.T. tough but if you're prepared to have your preconceptions challenged, then go for the cure which has changed the lives of so many.

I couldn't have found a better therapist than Jane Terris, who has clearly been trained with utmost care. I can't thank her enough for driving the scourge of M.E. from my life and, in doing so, showing me how to make alterations to my daily living which has led me to being able to return to work.

People with M.E. know how dark and hopeless the world can be: Jane Terris and Reverse Therapy have led me back to a place of light and optimism.

P.G. 2007

Jane is thorough and dedicated in her work. She herself understands 'illness' because she has suffered over the years and I feel this brings Reverse therapy into a different dimension as far as she is concerned, and she is very good at conveying the treatment in order to recover.

V.T. 2007